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Silicone oil is one kind of colorless organic materials with the highly changeable viscosity. It looks thin like water or sticky pectin and heat-resistant feature. It has excellent plasticity and waterproof as well eliminating bubbles features that are better than other similar organic materials for use. For the second processing silicone oil, it could produce silicone gum, silicone grease, eliminating bubble agent, off-membrance agent, and isolating paper agent. In other words, such productions made from the second processing silicone oil are very wide.
Functions of Silicone Oil

Individual protection appliances, medical treatment, electric insulation, motor, shockproof, lubricate burnish, paint additive, gum additive, heat carriers, cold-resistant medium, spreading pump oil, powder treatment with moisture-proof and stickiness-proof features, off-mold, smoothing-bubbles, fabric arrangement, stickiness-proof paper and leather treatment and so on.

Silicone Emulsion
  Items Features and productions
  KM-71 Industrial Gum Compound Eliminating Bubble Agent
  KM-73 General Industrial Eliminating Bubble Agent
  KM-73A General Industrial Eliminating Bubble Agent with good alkaline-resistance
  KM-73H General Industrial Eliminating Bubble Agent with good alkaline-resistance and high concentration
  KM-94 Eliminating Bubble Agent for processing industrial fiber dyeing with good carryover effect
  KM-743 General Industrial Off-Mold Agent, Off-mold Agent of Tire Shaping, Adding Color Agent of Gum Compound
  POLON MF 14EC Fiber soft processing agent
Silicone Oil
  Items Features and productions
  KFT300 Fiber Softener, Processing Fiber Softener, to advance soft, to add the valuation fabric